Partner Information

What is a PSI-Key?

A PSI key (Personal Software Identification Key) is a 16-digit, alphanumeric license key that provides access to digital content. Our partners can populate their digital products into our system, buy PSI keys, and sell or distribute them to customers quickly and easily.
Retrieval of the digital content can be done on any device that has internet access and does not require an installed client (software), registration or the input of personal data.
Redeeming a PSI Key is possible via key input, copy & paste or as a QR code. Smaller files, such as individual music pieces or eBooks can be sent by e-mail and large files can be downloaded via a global server network at up to 10GB / s.
Our partners can specify how often and in which country the PSI Keys can be redeemed for each individual product.

Ultra fast download / CDN

Redundant data is cached by our Content Delivery Network (CDN) to local servers near your customers for immediate access to frequently used content near their site. In this way, content can be delivered to customers faster and more reliably, providing a superior end-user experience and more efficient operations overall.
The CDN used for PSI Keys can also be used to better control caching. With high-capacity SSDs and advanced caching technologies, we provide industry-leading access speeds and data transfer rates.

Counterfeit security of the Key

Every PSI Key is unique. With 16 alphanumeric digits there are mathematically 1,636 possibilities. However, one rotating digit is used as a check sum and another 36th digit serves as a position marker. In addition, 8 bits are used for product classification, leaving about 2.18 septillion - a 42-digit number - possibilities. Since every PSI Key is checked for use with Mac address, fraud ID, proxy analysis, gate check, fingerprint and geo-coding, misuse is virtually ruled out. This also ensures that a PSI Key can only be used by one owner at one location at any given time.

Logistical virtual service

Be your own publisher! PSI-Keys provide you with a complete logistics virtual service - without any license fees.
Thanks to the built-in assistant, you can determine the appearance of your product yourself in just six steps or by using the advanced mode for advanced users. Managing download permissions and marketing your digital asset(s) is also completely in your hands.
Benefit from a perfect digital infrastructure and the IT know-how of experts with PSI Keys! This ensures straightforward generation, processing, distribution and fast retrieval of digital goods and information at any time, worldwide.

Case studies:

You have developed a product (a book, document, piece of music, film, software, game, etc.) and want to sell it through e-stores and online marketplaces like eBay or Amazon. You want to be able to distribute it easily, while making sure that your customers both receive their download and cannot distribute it without your authorization.

Send your customers a PSI Key. PSI Keys can easily be sent by e-mail via the marketplace platform or even by phone. It's unique, fast and ensures that only authorized users can redeem it. For just a few cents per key and with no follow-up costs, it's easy, cheap and a complete process! And, unlike physical products, no media, printed extras, packaging or shipping costs are incurred and your customer receives the product immediately after purchase!

You sell CDs or DVDs (music or video) at concerts/music venues. How do your customers get the music on their smartphone immediately without technical equipment?

Sell them PSI Keys! You can include the PSI Keys together with the CD / DVD / BluRay or in the form of a business card or autograph card format. Your customers receive access to the purchased product immediately after redeeming the PSI key, regardless of the device they're using. The number of devices and possible downloads are determined only by you.
PSI Keys are also available in PDF format as an alphanumeric string and / or as a QR code that you can print yourself if you choose. If you need larger quantities, simply send the PSI Keys to a press/print shop.

You are a game developer and Steam has denied you additional keys for your own game. You urgently need an alternative!

Unlike Steam, Origin or uPlay Keys, PSI Keys are platform independent and do not require an installed client.
While PSI Keys are not free, they are also relatively inexpensive and you can get as many keys as you need. Most importantly, your customers get what they need quickly and stay satisfied. PSI-Key Redemption can even be integrated onto your own website with the use of a widget!

You are a photographer or videographer and you create event documentation for weddings, company parties, technical films, etc. From pre-release content like rough cuts, beta versions or sneak peaks to pristine completed works, you want to give your customers (worldwide) access to copies in an uncomplicated and easy-to-use way.

Send PSI Keys to your customers! You can also view a product as a project; uploaded data can be changed and/or updated at any time according to your customer's requirements!

You have a medical practice (radiology, gynecology, urology, neurology, etc.) or run or work at a medical center. You want to provide your patients and/or their family doctor with digital images or video recordings, while making sure that patient data is encrypted and only accessible by your patient or their doctor. The problem is, the amount of data is too large to be sent by e-mail!

Give your patients a PSI Key! All data is stored by you and can be accessed immediately on any device and only by the people you authorize to do so.

After a movie shoot, you have several terabytes of raw data that must be made available immediately to the production or editing company. Transmitting by satellite is very expensive, physical shipping is out of the question just for the time constraint alone, and you don't have enough memory modules. You have to get the data out as fast as possible, and it has to reach its destination safely and be cached with a backup (cloud).

PSI Keys! Unfortunately, PSI Keys of this type aren't terribly cheap, but at less than 10 EUR / TB, PSI keys are still the safest, speediest and least expensive option! 

How do I get PSI-Keys?

To offer your products via the PSI-Key platform, you'll need to create a partner account at We’ll verify your account, and after approval, you can log in and immediately begin entering your products.
For a partner account verification, you'll need: a 3 month old (maximum) commercial register extract, as well as your identity card, address, telephone number, a valid tax no. and / or VAT identification number.
After your account has been approved, you can enter your digital products and upload the associated files. Define the number of required PSI Keys and the desired license and volume model, then place your order.
Please note: Depending on the type and license of the digital content you wish to be distributed via PSI Keys, we'll require a Gema, GVL, artist social insurance or similar release from you or a collection organization.
The verification and release of the uploaded data takes place within a maximum of 2 working days. After acceptance, the ordered PSI-Keys will be made available to you via your account in the format you specified and / or sent to you by e-mail.
However you distribute your PSI Keys, whether free or paid, by e-mail, printed/physical copy, or by post is up to you and your specific business model.


The fee per PSI Key depends on data volume, number of downloads allowed per PSI Key, and expiration date.
Managing download permissions is as much in your hands as marketing your digital asset.

Type Performance Price per PSI key
AV1 audio CD, max. 740 MB, 3-5 downloads, available for 5 years   0.03 euros
AV2 audio CD, max. 740 MB, 6-10 downloads, available for 10 years 0.04 Euro
AV3 Video DVD, max. 4.7 GB, 3-5 downloads, available for 5 years   0.05 Euro
AV4 Video DVD, max. 4.7 GB, 6-10 downloads, available for 10 years 0.05 Euro
AV5 Video DVD HD, max. 9.5 GB, 3-5 downloads, available for 5 years 0.08 euros
AV6 Video DVD HD, max. 9.5 GB, 6-10 downloads, available for 10 years 0.10 Euro
AV7 BluRay, max. 25 GB, 3-5 downloads, available for 5 years 0.15 euros
AV8 BluRay, max. 25 GB, 6-10 downloads, available for 10 years 0.18 euros
AV9 BluRay HD, max. 50 GB, 3-5 downloads, available for 5 years 0.20 Euro
AV10 BluRay HD, max. 50 GB, 6-10 downloads, available for 10 years 0.22 Euro
EB1 eBook, max. 100 MB, 3-10 downloads, available for 10 years   0.01 Euro
EB2 eBook, max. 500 MB, 3-10 downloads, available for 10 years 0.03 euros
EB3 eBook, max. 1 GB, 3-10 downloads, available for 10 years 0.05 Euro
AP1 program / game, max. 1 GB, 3-5 downloads, available for 5 years 0.04 euros
AP2 program / game, max. 4 GB, 3-5 downloads, available for 5 years 0.05 Euro
AP3 program / game, max. 10 GB, 3-5 downloads, available for 5 years 0.07 euros
AP3 program / game, max. 20 GB, 3-5 downloads, available for 5 years 0.10 Euro
AP4 program / game, max. 40 GB, 3-5 downloads, available for 5 years 0.16 euros
EX1 data exchange, max. 500 MB, 3-5 downloads, available for 2 years 0.01 Euro
EX2 data exchange, max. 1 GB, 3-5 downloads, available for 2 years   0.02 Euro
EX3 data exchange, max. 5 GB, 3-5 downloads, available for 2 years 0.04 euros
EX4   data exchange, max. 20 GB, 3-5 downloads, available for 2 years    0.06 Euro
EX5 data exchange, max. 100 GB, 3-5 downloads, available for 2 years 0.25 Euro
EX6 data exchange, max. 1 TB, 3-10 downloads, available for 2 years 9,50 Euro
EX7 data exchange, max. 2 TB, 3-10 downloads, available for 2 years   14,50 Euro
EX8   data exchange, max. 4 TB, 3-10 downloads, available for 2 years 25,00 Euro
Type Performance Price per Unit
SU1 manual product installation, transfer of data medium or device   50,00 Euro
GT1 Assigned GTIN (formerly EAN / UPC Code)     5.00 Euro

Optional: If a product is offered for sale through, the partner will receive 100 PSI Keys for their own use and 100 PSI Keys for the DLHStore for free.
Test phase: Until 12/31/2019, the first 50 PSI Keys for the first product in one of the following formats will be free of charge for each new partner: AV / EB / AP.

Payment options

We accept:
PayPal, Visa, Master, Amex, Discover, UnionPay, JCB, Diners, Klarna, Maestro, Sepa, Instant, Giropay, Webmoney, QiWi, AliPay, BitCoin, BitCoin Cash, Mint, Paysafe card, DotPay, iDeal and Mobiamo

Requirements for submitting electronic products

Product creation is done in just six easy steps or in the advanced mode using the built-in assistant.

The following data is required:

  • Product name
  • Type of digital content (e.g. audio, video, eBooks, etc.)
  • Manufacturer / Author / Developer / Author / Composer / Copywriter / Patent owner
  • Publisher / Label / Distribution - if applicable
  • GTIN (before 01/01/2019: EAN or UPC barcode) - optional, - if not present, it will be assigned to your product by the system for a small fee.
  • Download data (this is the data your customer can download). These can be executable files, PDFs, JPGs, video files, electronic documents, music (MP3 or WAV), compressed archives, etc.
Optionally, you can upload product images, product descriptions, banners, promo videos, audio samples/previews, selection and SEO criteria, international SRPs, and much more. The more detailed your digital product description, the better it will be presented and found internationally.