Consumer Information

What is a PSI-KEY?

A PSI-Key (Personal Software Identification Key) is a 16-digit, alphanumeric license key that provides access to digital content. Retrieval is possible on any device that has internet access and does not require an installed client (software), registration or the input of any personal data. Redeeming the PSI key can be done via keyboard input, copy & paste or as a QR code. Smaller files, such as individual music pieces or eBooks can also be sent by e-mail. Large files are made available for download via a global server network at up to 10GB/s.

Is a PSI-Key legal?

Yes.  Everything you download with a PSI key may be legally used for private purposes.
All licensees who sell and distribute their digital content via the PSI-Key platform are contractually obliged to provide only content in which they have all copyrights and reproduction rights.
Commercial use, as well as distribution, must be explicitly approved by the license holder, unless otherwise stated on the product detail page.


Unlike computationally intensive blockchain technology, the non-linear, back framing algorithm developed for PSI keys separates out empirical results in a self-learning manner, making it up to 10,000 times faster and extremely resource efficient.

Be Smart, Be Green – Go Digital
Everything is digital, "at your fingertips," and available immediately, whenever and wherever you want it, without product packaging, data media, waste or transport costs. PSI-Key technology is a fast, secure, clean and affordable solution for any content that can be digitally distributed.
We even go one step further in order to lessen our impact on the planet; our data centers, which are largely solar powered, are completely carbon neutral. PSI-Key technology uses the latest, energy-efficient data center LES servers with M.2 units. By dispensing with the computationally intensive blockchain technology and by using a specially developed, non-linear, Back Framing algorithm, the total energy saved by using PSI Keys is over 99.9%.


All data uploaded to our networks is checked multiple times for viruses, Trojans, spyware or backdoor activity with up-to-date signatures and heuristic analysis. Final approval is provided by our experienced IT specialists.

Ulta fast downloads/ CDN

Your downloads are already right where you are! We store everything in our own data centers and an image is created on up to 360 local servers around the world. When you initiate a download, it comes from the server nearest to you.

Do you store my private data?

When redeeming a PSI key, no personal information is stored. Instead, the activity is logged, which shows how often the PSI key was used and from which device, location and time.
Optionally, we offer you the possibility to create a free library of all your PSI-Key downloads. If you choose this route, you'll need to create a user account with your e-mail address and a password. If you choose to do so, you can also complete your profile with additional data and preferences, subscribe to newsletters or link content sharing via various social media platforms.
More information can be found in our privacy policy.